Andrew J.K Wilson

Andrew specialises in assisting companies to achieve growth in challenging markets through expansion and business line diversification.


Before joining Chartsec Services, Andrew was Business Director at Pilgrims Group Africa.


Having worked in West Africa from 2007- 15 with Ocean Marine Security Ltd (OMS) with regards to supporting major oil gas companies, providing credible bespoke maritime security solutions to protect their individual off-shore fields assets against piracy incidents, this directly coordinated with government maritime agencies. Andrew oversaw the strategy and expansion of the business, which by 2018 employed 1,200 staff, operating nationwide.


His security management experience and development was further enhanced by working with CRG as a security consultant in Nigeria, providing clients with physical security solutions concerning their infrastructure, by applying threat, gap-analysis and auditing of their assets, raising awareness and advising on journey management protocols in an environment that was ever changing daily, due to security hostile situations


Furthermore, Andrew has seen his security experience’s and senior security management roles develop in the Middle East, mainly Iraq and Africa from 2004, in a commercial management roles across a wide range of sectors including; security and risk management, consulting, construction and in the support of private contracted security companies, hired to support the United States redevelopment of Iraq.


Andrew was commissioned into the British Army in 1992 and served with the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) and prior to this, 15 Parachute Regiment. During his career, he spent much of his time on operations or managing training tasks in the Middle East, Africa & UK.


He was educated at The Edinburgh Academy & Merchistin Castle, then the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.


Andrew graduated from Coventry University with a Masters MA in Maritime Security in 2016. He received GOC Scotland Commendation for service in Scotland in 1994 & Lothian Border Police Meritous Award in 1995. He is a member of American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), Charter Management Institute (CMI) and Niger Delta Working Group.