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About us

Chartsec Services Ltd provides market-leading ‘bespoke’ security services and solutions. The company does this through a selective number of specialist security consultants and operatives who between them have extensive commercial and corporate experience.


The company prides itself on the collective knowledge and experience held within its portfolio. All company members come from previous senior management careers in both the military and the commercial sectors. This collective management experience and security knowledge is utilised to provide each client with the best end product solution.


The company aims to provide all clients with a commitment of total honesty, integrity, and transparency. Each client receives independent advice and total support throughout our security service, as well as a realistic and methodical planned outcome of security measures and solutions. These security solutions are tailored to the needs of each individual or organisation. The final delivered security solution is based on a series of measured directives and protocols, designed to meet the client’s security concerns.


It is the company’s aim to develop a long term, trusted and close relationship, with a mutual understanding for the client’s needs. This is to ensure we provide the very best form of protection for their individual lifestyle or corporate assets.


Continued security re-evaluations are supported by ongoing threat analysis, combined with the latest market research relating to security measures. This ensures that Chartsec provides all clients with the latest technologies, applied security measures and policies to ensure their safety.


All company security consultants have exemplary individual qualifications with regards to their specialist security areas, to support the company and its clients.


A unique partnership agreement, with key specialist security vendors and their individual security products, enables Chartsec to deliver a solution that is tailored to the client’s requirements.


Geographical Experience

  • Afghanistan
  • Algeria
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Ivory Coast
  • Jordon
  • Kenya
  • Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia
  • Kurdistan
  • Kuwait
  • Libya
  • Mauritania
  • Nigeria
  • Somalia
  • UK
  • UAE
  • Yemen

Chartsec UK & Global Training Development

As part of the further development and influence of Chartsec Services Ltd in their capacity to deliver a broad spectrum of security services & training, both within the UK and overseas, the company achieved the delivery of two first aid training courses to the Swedish Committee of Afghanistan, an NGO aid agency working out of Kabul- Afghanistan:

The delivery of the first aid training, and combined Heat Training package was to support the named NGOs operational capacity to deliver their charity work in-country to the local population in the rural out-laying countryside remote regions. The delivered training was the x1 day Emergency First Aid at Work course. This training course is supported by Chartsec Services Ltd having a registered affiliation with Qualsafe, as a centre of approval for the delivery of first aid training.

Chartsec Services Ltd, have a talented and experienced team of trainers, with regards to their individual expertise in specific fields of training, whether it’s first aid, Heat training, the delivery of security project management and security auditing.

Chartsec Services Ltd in undertaking the above training, have now established, confirmed, business partnership agreement with a local Afghanistan company called TM4.

This partnership business agreement, mutually supports each others interests in Afghanistan, with regards to the delivery of specific logistical life support services, bespoke specialist security training and consultancy to external companies presently working in Afghanistan.

The aim for the forth coming year 2024, for Chartsec Services Ltd and TM4 is to establish the collective management skills, specialist deliverable services to the wider audiences of the existing operating companies working in Afghanistan.To further support new overseas agencies wishing to help in the infrastructure redevelopment & rebuild of the country.

Looking into the new year, Chartsec Services Ltd sphere of operations will continue to focus on the delivery of services within the UK, but also take its training and security consultancy to West Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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