VIP Protection

VIP Protection is one of the cornerstone services Chartsec Ltd has to offer. The company has at its disposal an elite number of highly trained individuals, many of whom have seen distinguished service in the UK Armed Forces and have completed their unit’s respective VIP protection training. 

This training is second to none

These individuals are also supported and complemented by ex-police force members who have conducted similar training.


Each operative is specifically selected for high profile individuals, government officials and those clients who feel a high level of security is warranted.


All individuals are personally known to the company via time served on the ground, both in their past military/police employment and in the commercial world. The company recognises and complies with the legal requirement for training with government/civilian SIA licensing for duties within the UK, which includes comprehensive medical training.

Teams can be made available quickly to escort clients overseas, supporting clients on either short or long-term assignments or visits. This includes both land-based scenarios and when travelling offshore.


Alternative SIA-2016 VIP Protection services can be provided for clients who do not require such a high level of security. This service nonetheless meets a very high standard of discipline and professionalism, all provided by operatives with senior military/police and civilian backgrounds.

The company also prides itself on an exceptional chauffeur service, vehicles included. This can be included as part of the VIP protection service, or as a one-off on those special occasions. The company hires all vehicles and drivers upon request for the client. All drivers are either ex-military or police. They hold previous advanced VIP driving training skills and qualifications, complemented with first aid training from reputed training centres.

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