Bespoke Private Residential Auditing
and Applied Security Systems

Chartsec Services Ltd prides itself on the delivery of bespoke residential security auditing assessments. This service is directed towards the high-end market of professional individuals, being very discreet with signed confidentiality disclosure agreements in place.

Security Audit

Security auditing is designed to provide the client with an accurate true-to-life risk assessment for their premises and workplace, including the demands of their individual lifestyle as well as overseas travel.

Security Project Management Service (SPMS)

Once the security audit is complete, the findings and proposals are discussed with the client to confirm a set of realistic measures to enhance the client’s security and safety. Once all security measures are confirmed, a Security Project Management Service (SPMS) is put in place. This service enables Chartsec to undertake to project manage all security requirements on behalf of the client, interfacing with security vendors. These vendors, all hand-picked by Chartsec for their excellent service records, support the company in delivering a comprehensive and exceptional service.

Security Lifestyle Package (SLP)

Once the completed security measures are applied, Chartsec offers the client a set of security lifestyle packages that provide continued support 24/7 and to maintain a long-standing relationship with the client. Several applied SLP packages are available, all designed to ensure the security and safeguarding of the client.

SLP packages include the following features:

A full-time company assigned security consultant (often with a history in military, special forces or police) to undertake the following:

24/7 on-call security consultations:

Vetted and approved security vendors providing the following services:

  • Security call centre monitoring 24/7
  • CCTV application (Gallery)
  • Smoke Cloak (Videos)
  • Hammer Glass (Videos)
  • Security designed doors & windows; external-internal (Gallery)
  • Safe room design concepts (Gallery)
  • Electric gates (Gallery)
  • Sensory equipment, alarms, lighting
  • Integrated control systems for all the above


The ultimate aim and focus for these services are to maintain a trusted, long-lasting partnership. This includes a one-to-one relationship with the client, taking into account all of their security issues and concerns as well as their lifestyle requirements.

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