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Basic Security – Personal Security At Home Part 3

Basic Security – Personal Security at Home Part 3

Visitors, House Staff and Tradesmen:

All visitors should be positively identified before being allowed to enter, in particular:

  • Arrange fixed times for workmen to call. Check their identity and never leave them alone in the house. If they are unexpected, call their works office.
  • Friends and relatives should be asked to inform you of intended visits whenever possible, particularly if they plan to arrive at an unusual time.
  • Very late callers should be treated with particular suspicion.
  • Check newly engaged staff. If additional staff are engaged for a function they should be vouched for and identified by a responsible person.
  • Deliveries by tradesmen:
    • Do not accept parcels that have not been ordered.
    • Discourage the leaving of parcels or bags on windowsills or at the door.
    • Deliveries should be checked carefully before accepting them and the person making the delivery detained until this has been done.
    • Be suspicious of any change of postman, milkman, or other regular delivery men.
    • Stop deliveries of milk, papers, etc, when going away.
    • Particular care is needed when removing routine deliveries such as milk or newspapers; first, you may expose yourself in a routine manner and secondly, deliveries can easily have explosive devices attached that may be difficult to see,  particularly on dark mornings.


Familiarise yourself with the action to be taken on receipt of a letter or suspect package that might contain an explosive device or Chemical-Biohazard material.


Consider fitting a ‘panic alarm’ bell to the outside of the house with switches upstairs and down. Consider an alarm to a neighbour’s house.

Check the alarm system regularly with the service provider if provided or just manual

Private Social Activities:

Invite only guests who are known to be reliable and do not present a security risk. Care must be taken in the issue of invitations to large functions.

Vary your times as much as possible for sporting activities, e.g. visits to social clubs, regular social events etc. Do not regularly go walking alone in the country, or go on lone trips, etc.

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