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Basic Security – Travel Tips Part 1

Basic Security – Travel Tips Part 1

Planning a trip:

  • Check any visa requirements, medical precautions and prohibited items.
  • Ensure that an office colleague has a copy of your itinerary and contact details, and keep the office informed of any changes.
  • Ensure that the itinerary is treated in confidence, inside and outside the office.
  • Take photocopies of passports, visas and tickets, and keep them separate from a wallet or purse.
  • A trusted messenger should pick up travel documents collected abroad from the travel agent.

Travelling on business:

  • Use inconspicuous luggage labels with a name but not an address; place a contact address inside the luggage.
  • If carrying a laptop computer to use on a journey, use something other than a conventional carrying case. If it is not needed during the flight, pack the computer away in the hold luggage.
  • Avoid reading business papers whilst travelling, particularly those which are in any way sensitive or which reveal future movements.
  • If possible, always be met at the destination by someone familiar.

Travelling by air:

  • Check the security and maintenance record of the air carriers.
  • Confirm that the flight is by the nominated airline and not a partner.
  • Wherever possible use a direct flight.
  • Whenever possible, dress casually to look like a tourist rather than a business executive.
  • Arrange to be met at your destination and agree a discreet way of identification to avoid the use of signs displaying your or your company’s name.
  • Take a small amount of local currency to avoid the need for changing money on arrival at the airport.

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