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Basic Security – Travel Tips Part 2

Basic Security – Travel Tips Part 2

Travelling by road:

  • Avoid taking a taxi off the street and order taxis at the last possible minute through the hotel staff.
  • Vary any regular routes used, avoid back streets and deprived areas.
  • Arrivals and departures at locations should be at irregular times.
  • Be alert to all things happening around you – particularly to following vehicles or staged traffic accidents.
  • Get in and out of cars as close to building entrances as possible.
  • Take note of “safe havens” on the route to the destination, such as police stations, hotels, hospitals and shopping malls.
  • If involved in an accident, do not stop as the accident may have been staged. Drive to a safe location and report to the organization you are visiting and to the local police.

Travelling by Foot:

  • Use a local street map and plan a route before setting out.
  • Avoid walking alone, especially after dark. If unavoidable, use
  • Well-lit, busy streets. Identify and avoid deprived areas.
  • Avoid disputes, large gatherings and groups of people loitering in the street.
  • If approached by a stranger who attempts to start a conversation, keep walking and pretend not to understand the language.
  • Be alert to what is happening around you. If at all suspicious, window shops, cross the road, retraces your steps or enter a shop.
  • Be aware of any common scams that happen in the cities that you are visiting and plan how to react if approached

Arriving at destination:

  • Avoid using the airport porters.
  • Have the stub of the airline hold luggage label available for security checks at the exit.
  • Check the credentials of the person who is meeting you.
  • Use only an official and not an independent taxi.
  • Be wary of people posing as taxi drivers. If in doubt, seek help from the information desk.
  • Be alert to what is going on around you – bogus taxi drivers, pickpockets and thieves operate at many airports.
  • Do not take photographs at any time.

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