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Basic Security – Travel Tips Part 4

Basic Security – Travel Tips Part 4

At host office:

  • Inform your host of your accommodation and travel itinerary as well as daily arrival times, in person rather than on the telephone.
  • Avoid discussing arrangements with other employees.
  • Do not leave personal or business documents unattended in offices.

At host airport:

  • Before leaving for the airport, check that the flight is on time to avoid a long wait in a public area.
  • Carry wallets, passports, and tickets either in an inside pocket or a secure purse.
  • Immediately after checking in, pass through security and immigration to the secure area of the airport. Use a private lounge whenever possible.

In summary:

It’s in the interests of business travellers to learn as much as they can about the country in which they intend doing business and then rehearsing what they will do in the event of an emergency.  Personal security can be greatly enhanced by awareness and the maintenance of a low profile; attention to these two basic principles can reduce the possibility of selection as a target and perhaps lead to the frustration of an attack.

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