Chartsec (Chartered Security Services Ltd.) 2019 Major Recruitment Drive For Security Positions Overseas

Chartsec is presently recruiting for 2019 yet to be confirmed contract awards, in the following security industry areas and disciplines:


  • Man guarding UK and Overseas
  • Security Consultancy Work
  • Aviation Training
  • Security Project Management (oil/gas) overseas
  • Maritime Security Yachts
  • VIP Protection services, TLs and 2I/cs to include medics
  • Security Trainers for Hostile Environments and Medical


Overseas contracts

Individual contracts will be “very competitive” day rates for all positions, with supporting business class and economy flights where applicable. All positions will be rotational with life support facilities. Provision of life insurance cover and where warranted end of year bonus will be honoured.


UK Contracts

UK security man guard services and security project management contracts, will consist of competitive hourly day rates and salaried positions. Travel assistance allowance where applicable will be considered into the contract terms and conditions.


All CV applicants will be contacted by the company once selected for the suitable positions, based upon initial merit and contract qualification requirements for initial interviews. Kindly do not undertake to contact us directly until approached for initial interest of acceptance is


Application qualifications necessary to include


  • Current CV
  • Sia Licence
  • FPOS medical certification
  • Auditing
  • Certifications in Auditing / Bsc in some form of security discipline
  • Certifications in training and HSSE
  • Military experience essential for all overseas employment. Senior security management posts will be 15+ years service and SSGT and above held rank with supportive commercial qualifications.


Requested specific qualifications will be provided at the appointed time for key senior management posts, based upon client contract award criteria.

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