Derek (Des) Steel Bio

Des Steel is a mature and seasoned globally travelled senior security consultant, with expertise security crisis management experience & knowledge that derives from various “hot spots” throughout the world over a protracted period of 25+ years. The key areas of security commercial importance include: Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.


Before entering into the private sector Des completed an exemplarily colourful 15 years in the military, serving within 3 Commando Brigade and finally within the Tier-1 United Kingdom Special Forces (UKSF) SAS. Actively serving x3 tours on the counter terrorist team. The respective units saw him undertake military engagements in both the Falkland’s and
Gulf War 1.


After leaving the military, Des was initially privately contracted to the UAE Special Forces for a period of x7 years as a captain. He was tasked to implement their military doctrine and training. From leaving this post, he became a senior Hostile Environment Trainer for a private company based in the UK. He was part of a team of retired ex- Special Forces (SAS) members held directly responsible for providing the physical security, administration, and technical support to senior CNN correspondents & crews. Travelling into Iraq during Gulf War-2 from various differing neighbouring countries, reporting live on the conflict as it unfolded, culminating with being in Baghdad only days after its capture.


From entering Baghdad, Des was responsible in help to establish the CNN & Fox News security offices, where he worked extensively over a period of x4 years from the initial endof hostilities, providing security protective services and consultancy advise. These responsibilities also extended to other geographical locations that included, Afghanistan and Israel.


Upon leaving the media environment, Des directed his energy, security expertise & management within the oil/gas industry, working in various other hostile, high risk regions of the world, which included; Yemen, KSA, Kuwait, Nigeria, to name but a few locations, over a protracted period of 13 years.


All key security management appointments reported directly to the respective companies’ senior management & boards of directors. Des helped resolve numerous real time crisis situations on the ground, ranging from kidnappings, residential shootings compound attacks and repeated open water piracy incidents.


Part of his many security roles & responsibilities were to ascertain and reevaluate respective companies’ physical security measures and applied written security doctrine. In doing so, Des applied and implemented realistic, robust proven security measures, both physical, written policies and procedures, which were relevant to each locations threat situation. Trusted with sensitive information of the highest level within his various security management appointments, Des brought to the table a realistic and transparent approach to all manner of security concerns and issues. This also included the coordination at company & government levels, collective security response measures.


Des has subsequently, to-date, further expanded his experience and knowledge to undertake private security consultancy work, with the development & establishment of his own private security company, providing clients with, bespoke tailored security solutions in the respective markets. This has also included the anti-piracy industry and Foreign and Commonwealth Office FCO. This has been further supported by his extensive commercial points of contacts globally.

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