Travel Security Awareness Training

1. Personal Security:

Learning Objective:

  • To improve ones knowledge of personal security.
  • Understand the motivation behind attacks/different categories.
  • Factors that lead to attacks.
  • Know the types threats.

2. Introduction.
3. Principles of effective personal security.
4. Security awareness:
5. Critical situations.
6. Security attitude.
7. Personal protection – general:
8. Psychology of criminal predators.
9. Individual mental preparedness.
10.Key threats & everyday threats & types of threat:
11. Personal Security.
12. Principles of personal security.
13. Vehicle Security.
14. Physical Security (on Foot).
15. Physical Security: (Public transport).
16. Physical Security: (Automated Teller Machines).
17. Security at Home.
18. Hotel Security.
19. Personal Security, pepper spray or foam, audible alarms.
20. Summary.


2 Travel Awareness


  • Learning objective to highlight.
  • Individual considerations and preparation for travel overseas.
  • Security risks whilst travelling and working abroad.
  • How best to overcome them.



2.Travel planning – Preparation.
3.Travel planning – Profile.
4.Travel planning -The Threat.
5.Travel planning – Considerations.
6.Information sources.
7.Travel security – Arrival in country.
8.Female travellers.
9.Case study – Nigeria.
10.Local briefing.


3 Travel incident scenarios


Learning objective:


To provide an understanding of the various situations concerning threat scenarios which could be encountered while travelling overseas.



2.Incidents and scenario.
3.Plane hijack.
4. Civil disorder.
5. Military- Police check points.
6. Coming under fire.
7. Carjacking.
8. Vehicle security – ambush.
9. Case studies.


4 Kidnap or Hostage Situations


Learning objective:

  • Understand the various phases of a hostage situation and what you as an individual should try to undertake to do.



2. Kidnap-Why me?
3. Kidnap or Hostage situations.
4. Stages of a kidnapping operation.
5. Kidnap – Abduction and Philosophy.
6. In captivity.
7. Periods of tension.
8. Release.
9. Post release.

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