This is an exciting introduction into the black art of the sniper. This day is run with an ex-UKSAS Special Forces Instructors using state of the art rifles, spotting scopes and equipment.


The instructors will show you an insight into the world of the sniper and how it has evolved into the phenomenon of extreme long-range shooting we have today.


No experience necessary, this is a fun day for anyone over 17 and makes a great gift.


This is a group day for up to 8-10 people. Ammunition is included in the price up to the .308

We cover:

  • Safe weapon handling
  • How the sniper rifle has evolved from the basic Enfield of the first world war to the precision instrument of today
  • Basic Marksmanship skills with .22 rimfire and centrefire rifles
  • The thrill of firing a large calibre .338 sniper rifle
  • How to engage steel targets from 50 to 800 metres
  • The skills needed to accurately read the range and engage the target
  • How the wind and topography affect the shot and how to make corrections
  • How working in pairs will enable you to understand the essential role of sniper/spotter.



The Firearms Training facility offers a unique place for team building away from the hustle and bustle of the boardroom or office.


Here you can experience rifle shooting in a fun and challenging environment with our rapid-fire falling plate shoot or water signature hostage rescue scenario which will test your teams’ reaction under pressure to the max. Whilst having a lot of fun in the process.


Rifle shooting at steel targets is an unforgettable experience, using steel targets or our explosive/reactive targets ensures terrific feedback which you don’t get shooting at paper and wooden targets.


The standard day above can be tailor made to suit your company’s or group’s interests or requirements.


Remember: Better a wet day in the mountains than a sunny day in the office. 


Weapon systems fired are:


  • .22 Conversion kits M16 CARBINES & 55.6mm
  • AK-47 7.62MM
  • 62mm Sniper weapons bolt action with telescopic sights


Admin Information:


  • Cost per Individual: £450. All weapons and ammunition provided and personal instruction.
  • Time duration: from 09:00hrs to 16:00hrs
  • Light Lunch provision
  • Single day return or overnight hotel booking with evening meal -B&B which is additional cost
  • Ex Special Forces SAS trained Weapons and Sniper instructors

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