Personal Bodyguards

Venture on a journey of unrivalled security with Chartsec Services’ prestige personal bodyguard service. Our specialised team of highly skilled and discreet professionals are committed to safeguarding individuals, prioritising your safety and comfort above all else.


Our team of bodyguards are meticulously selected for their unwavering diligence, exceptional skills, and years of experience across a variety of sectors. Our bodyguards have distinguished backgrounds, many of whom have served in elite military units or law enforcement in the UK. With Chartsec Services, you are guaranteed an exceptional service of the highest standard that goes beyond the ordinary.


We understand that all of our clients are unique, and so are their situations and challenges. We prioritise a personal, client-centred approach to ensure optimal safeguarding. Our Personal Bodyguard service is customisable to meet your unique requirements to provide an enhanced, bespoke personal security experience. We take the time to listen to your concerns to ensure we deliver an exceptional service.


Our Personal Bodyguard Service encompasses a variety of elements such as risk assessments, emergency response protocols, and close yet unobtrusive protection techniques. These experienced professionals are masters in providing a shield against potential threats whilst simultaneously blending seamlessly into your daily life.


Here at Chartsec Services, our dedication to excellence extends to top-of-the-range technology and innovative security solutions. Partner with Chartsec Services to elevate your security to new heights and allow us to provide you with the peace of mind you have been searching for. Contact us today to discover how our Personal Bodyguard service can be tailored to your life.

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