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Personal Security In Vehicles – Part 2

Personal Security In Vehicles – Part 2


Searching should be conducted routinely. You should exercise your judgment as to whether you should carry out a search of your vehicle if it has been left in other areas. Care should be taken to ensure that the vehicle is not moved while conducting a vehicle search. Searching should be conducted by:

  • First looking carefully around the outside of the vehicle.
  • Looking at the doors, boot, and bonnet for signs of tampering.
  • Looking through the windows for any unidentified item.
  • Checking around and behind each wheel and inside the wheel arches.
  • Check to make sure the tires of your car do not have any foreign material.
  • Check to make sure your exhaust-pipe is not blocked with cloth or solid materials
  • Looking underneath the vehicle paying particular attention to the area of the driver’s seat, the exhaust system, floor pan and behind and around the fuel tank.
  • Unlocking the vehicle and checking the driver’s area. Checking inside, including under seats, the glove compartment, under the bonnet and inside the boot area.
  • If any signs of tampering are noted or anything suspicious is found such as unusual objects inside the vehicle or attached and out of place.
  • STOP
  • No attempt should be made to touch, start, or move the vehicle. Keep all persons away from the vehicle. The police should be called immediately.

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