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Personal Security In Vehicles – Part 3

Personal Security In Vehicles – Part 3

Countermeasures to the under vehicle IED (UVIED) threat

Know your vehicle thoroughly, when searching for an IED you must know what should be attached, inside or underneath.

  • Keep your vehicle in good condition and regularly serviced.
  • Never leave your vehicle unlocked. Remember to secure all the doors, sunroof, bonnet, and boot. Use the alarm or immobilizer if fitted.
  • On returning to your vehicle, do not take it for granted that it is as safe as when you left it.
  • Secure bonnet locks and lockable petrol caps should be fitted and used whenever possible.
  • Never leave your baggage unattended outside the vehicle.
  • Never carry other people’s baggage or packages unless you have personally checked the contents.
  • Carry a torch with you to check your vehicle after dark. Do not leave the torch in the vehicle
  • Switch off the courtesy light inside the vehicle to avoid illumination when getting in and out
  • Always try to park the vehicle in a lockable garage at home and at work. If no garage is available, leave it in a supervised car park or where the general public can see it

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