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Personal Security In Vehicles – Part 4

Personal Security In Vehicles – Part 4

On the move:

  • Ensure that windows are fully closed when the vehicle is parked and opened only enough for ventilation when you are driving
  • Always drive with your car doors locked
  • Look forward along the row of vehicles parked in the street for anything of a suspicious nature and through the driving mirror for following vehicles
  • Avoid narrow and isolated streets, keep to main routes
  • Conform to traffic flow but keep your distance from the vehicle in front
  • Try to avoid becoming hemmed in when held in traffic. At traffic lights leave enough room for manoeuvre, If possible, adjust speed when approaching traffic lights to avoid having to stop
  • If something suspicious appears to be taking place on the road ahead, stop and turn off before it is too late
  • If you suspect that you are being followed, take a known detour, and if still suspicious, stop at the nearest police station or known establishment
  • Ensure that you have sufficient fuel to avoid stopping at unknown or isolated filling stations
  • Do not give lifts or open doors or windows to unknown persons
  • Beware of accident scenes in isolated areas; these may have been staged
  • Vary your routes to and from the office or, places frequently visited; vary your time and mode of transportation
  • Maintain third party awareness at all times.
  • If attacked, do not try to leave your car. The car should be thought of as a defensive shield. It can be used as an attack weapon and for evasive action


Personal security before, during and after journeys is of paramount importance. By maintaining vigilance, third party awareness and following these guidelines, the threat of potential attacks is reduced.

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