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Designed Delivery Bespoke Specialist Security Services.


Joint Exclusivity Partnership

Residential Security, VIP Protection, 24/7 Security Coverage, Overseas Travel Accompaniment

Security Advice and Training.

“Initial Free Life Style Security Consultancy:

Chartsec Services Ltd provides market-leading ‘bespoke’ security services and solutions. The company does this through a selective number of specialist security consultants and operatives who between them have extensive commercial and corporate experience.

The company prides itself on the collective knowledge and experience held within its portfolio. All company members come from previous senior management careers in both the military-SAS and the commercial sectors. This experience and security knowledge is utilised to provide each client with the best security product solution.

Elite VIP Close Protection & Travel Overseas

Journey and travel overseas, close protection specialists. Assigned Ex serving SAS-military and commercial senior elite security consultants 15+ years service, providing discrete and assured close protection to high ranking officials, corporate directors, celebrities and sporting world.

Close protection trained (SAS)-Diplomatic level, to include trauma medical training and advanced driving. Individuals have worked in some of the most remote and hostile environments in the world.

Correctly applied financial management, means services to respective clients, can be cost recoverable concerning accounting yearend tax returns.

Bespoke Private Residential Auditing & Applied Security System-Solutions

Security Audit: Security auditing is designed to provide the client with an accurate true-to-life risk assessment for their premises and workplace, including the demands of their individual lifestyle as well as overseas travel.

Security Project Management Service (SPMS) Once the security audit is complete, the findings and proposals are discussed with the client to confirm a set of realistic physical security measures to enhance the client’s security and safety. Once all security measures are confirmed, a Security Project Management Service (SPMS) is put in place. This service enables Chartsec to undertake to project manage all security requirements on behalf of the client, interfacing with security vendors. These vendors, all handpicked by Chartsec for their excellent service records, support the company in delivering a comprehensive and exceptional service.

Security Lifestyle Package (SLP) Once the completed security measures are applied, Chartsec offers the client a set of security lifestyle packages that provide continued support 24/7 and to maintain a long-standing relationship with the client. Several applied SLP packages are available, all designed to ensure the security and safeguarding of the client.

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