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After caring about installers and customers in the security industry for 20 years, PSM was co-founded by Kerry Jones and Andy Saile; and built on reputation alone after discovering what we felt was a gap in the market for exclusive and personal monitoring services.


We can stop criminals in their tracks and prevent a crime before it takes place using our intelligent remote monitoring services.


When a potential intruder breaches a restricted area of our client’s premises (by triggering motion sensors), an immediate alarm containing CCTV images is transmitted to our NSI Gold fully accredited 24 hour Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) based in the North West.


Trained operators visually verify the cause of alarm then take necessary and immediate action – including issuing audio warnings – to deter potential criminals, tell them they are being monitored and warn them that the emergency services are on their way. As incidents we report to the police are happening in real time, the police respond without delay.

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Residential CCTV Monitoring
Commercial CCTV Monitoring Services
CCTV Installer Services

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