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Security Measures For Drivers – Part 1

Security Measures for Drivers – Part 1

The Threat:

  1. The driver, the vehicle and passengers, are susceptible to a variety of potential attacks particularly when the passengers are High Risk. The threat will vary with time and place. It is up to each driver to ensure that he/she knows and understands what is required.

Types of Attack:

  1. The determined assailant is extremely difficult to combat. However, for the attack to be totally successful the target vehicle needs to be encouraged into a pre-arranged position. If the driver by his security awareness, alertness and preparation can keep his vehicle and occupants out of such a position, then the attack will be unsuccessful. The type of attack could vary considerably; the following are the most likely forms of attack:
  • Explosive Devices. Fitted to or thrown into the vehicle or placed close to it, when it is static or on the move, in order to injure or kill the occupants or to immobilize the vehicle to allow kidnapping.
  • Ambush/Hijack. Leading to kidnapping or assassination.

System of Driving:

  1. In addition to good driving technique the driver should employ the following:
  • Maximum concentration at all times.
  • Detailed, accurate and extensive observation.
  • Correct and immediate reactions to the changing conditions.
  • A deliberate and well-defined plan to meet any situation.

Counter Measures and Prevention:

  1. Absolute protection is impossible. However, the aim should be to minimize the chances of a successful attack by the application of well-practiced principles and procedures.

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