The Threat:

  1. The driver, the vehicle and passengers, are susceptible to a variety of potential attacks particularly when the passengers are High Risk. The threat will vary with time and place. It is up to each driver to ensure that he/she knows and understands what is required.

Types of Attack:

  1. The determined assailant is extremely difficult to combat. However, for the attack to be totally successful the target vehicle needs to be encouraged into a pre-arranged position. If the driver by his security awareness, alertness and preparation can keep his vehicle and occupants out of such a position, then the attack will be unsuccessful. The type of attack could vary considerably; the following are the most likely forms of attack:

System of Driving:

  1. In addition to good driving technique the driver should employ the following:

Counter Measures and Prevention:

  1. Absolute protection is impossible. However, the aim should be to minimize the chances of a successful attack by the application of well-practiced principles and procedures.

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