Counter terrorist sniper operators course

Course training statement: “To teach officers, soldiers and police operatives the knowledge & skills required to be a member of a ct sniper team. To have the ability to plan and execute a sniper response to a terrorist incident within a domestic environment”


Course description: “The course teaches the students the roles & responsibilities of a counter terrorist sniper. It provides the operator with advance shooting techniques enabling them to deliver precision fire within a stressful environment. It covers the different types of terrorist situation that the operator may respond to and includes all detail, planning & training required in order to be a member of a counter terrorist sniper team”


Course title: Counter terrorist sniper operators course
Qualification: Counter terrorist sniper operator
Course duration: 4 weeks
Teaching periods per day: 8
Length of teaching period: 40 minutes


Course entry standards: Employed within a counter terrorist military or government agency.


Block syllabus


  1.  Introduction to counter terrorist sniping – the impact within global community
  2.  Roles and responsibilities of a counter terrorist sniper team
  3.  The sniper team kit and equipment counter terrorist sniper team
  4.  Weapon training test – theory
  5.  Weapon training tests – practical
  6.  Construction of a ct detailed range card
  7.  Deployment procedures of a ct sniper team
  8.  Real-time reporting intelligence gathering ct environment
  9.  Different natures of ammunition
  10.  Defeating barriers
  11. The ct sniper open air option
  12. Practical real-time reporting& brevity codes
  13.  Practical demonstration – ammunition penetration
  14.  Target indexing a ct environment
  15.  Establishment of grouping capacity 100 – 500 metres – rules of engagement tables
  16.  Incapacitation & vital organ engagement
  17.  Construction of a ct sniper op screen – improvised urban environments
  18.  Team orbat of a ct sniper team
  19.  Construction of reporting assist cards – counter terrorist environment
  20.  Practical application of the co-ordinated volley ct environment
  21.  Introduction to sniper co-ordination systems
  22.  Counter terrorist operations – snipers supporting strongholds/assault
  23.  Counter terrorist operations – snipers supporting ships alongside assault/underway assault
  24.  Counter terrorist operations – snipers supporting high-rise assault
  25.  Counter terrorist operations – snipers supporting aircraft assaults
  26.  Counter terrorist operations – snipers supporting coaches/vehicle intercept assault
  27.  Conducting counter terrorist sniper team survey – hotel
  28.  Practical application limited exposure shoot
  29.  Cold bore shooting
  30.  Construction of a ct sniper mission planning room
  31.  Responsibilities of the sniper ct mission management cell
  32.  Counter terrorist sniper team orders
  33.  Delivery of ct sniper orders
  34.  Construction of ct sniper team orders books
  35.  Ct range estimation
  36.  Ct observation drills and procedures
  37.  Employment of sniper screens within a ct environment
  38.  Construction of a ct sniper survey report
  39.  The psychological effects of taking a precision shot onto a long-term surveillance target
  40.  Specific shot placement – cavitation, incapacitation and vital organs engagement
  41.  International rules of engagement – domestic counter terrorism
  42.  Conduct sniper survey practical – airfields
  43.  Sniper survey report construction
  44.  Conduct practical sniper survey shipyards
  45.  Conduct cold shots 100 – 300 metres
  46.  Stress shooting – advance application of fire
  47.  Conduct practical ct sniper team deployment procedures
  48.  Establish ct sniper matrix and initial reporting schedule ct sniper screen
  49.  Target indexing& profiling
  50.  Preparation support emergency response and deliberate action options
  51.  Practical prepare coach option
  52.  Practical prepare aircraft option
  53.  Practical real-time reporting
  54.  Post operational de-brief procedures
  55.  Final written examination ct sniper course
  56.  Ied awareness & recognition
  57.  Moving targets
  58.  Inclined shooting

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