Sharpshooter instructors course

Course training statement: “To train officers & soldiers the knowledge, skills & information to prepare, plan & execute sharpshooter training within their organizations in order to establish an effective precision small arms capability at section level out to 700 metres”


Course description: “The course teaches the students how to prepeare, plan and execute sharpshooter training applying a defence systems approach to training methodlogy in order to establish a real-time designated/sharpshooter capability within their organozation”


Course title: Sharpshooter instructors course
Qualification: Sharpshooter instructor
Course duration: 3 weeks
Teaching periods per day: 8
Length of teaching period: 40 minutes
Practical field exercises: Yes

Course entry standards


Qualified sharpshooter


Block syllabus – outline


1. Qualities of an instructor
2. Promoting the desire to learn
3. Fault checking
4. How to construct and plan a weapons lesson
5. How to construct a theory lesson plan
6. Training objectives
7. Enabling objectives
8. Key learning points
9. Program writing – sharpshooter courses
10. Advance shooting techniques
11. Advance dmr reticle
12. Test specifications – sharpshooting
13. Performance target indicators
14. Student report writing
15. Conduct of all weapons lessons
16. Conduct of all range practises
17. Planning a range
18. Conduct of a gallery range
19. Conduct of a field range
20. Tactical employment of marksman – urban operations
21. Tactical employment of marksman – arid rural environment
22. Planning and conduct of low-light shooting
23. Conducting elementary application of fire
24. Conduct of advance application of fire
25. Conduct of field ranges – contact drills

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