Sniper aerial platform course

Course training statement: “To teach sniper operatives the knowledge & skills required to plan, prepare & fit aerial platforms for sniper missions in order to deliver effective small arms precision fire onto an identified target”


Course description: “The course teaches the students how to plan & excute sniper missions from aerial platforms. It covers the pre-mission preparation of the helo platform, how to control it during flight & how to deliver accurate precision small arms fire onto an identified target”.


Course title: Sniper aerial platform course
Qualification: Sniper aerial platform operator
Course duration: 2 weeks
Teaching periods per day: 8
Length of teaching period: 40 minutes


Course entry standards: Qualified basic sniper

Block syllabus


  1.  Introduction to sniper aerial platform work
  2.  Setting up of aerial platforms
  3.  Mildot shooting techniques
  4.  Engagement techniques aerial platforms
  5.  Communications aerial platforms
  6.  Load master and pilots brief aerial platform
  7.  Safety regulations aerial platform
  8.  The aerial platform sniper box
  9.  Inclined shooting techniques
  10.  Operations – aerial platforms
  11.  Practical engagement aerial platforms
  12.  Reception and lift-off aerial platforms
  13.  Future equipment aerial platforms
  14.  Tactics, techniques and procedures – aerial platforms
  15.  Introduction to sniper aerial platform work – night-time operations
  16.  Practical setting up of aerial platforms
  17.  Practical engagement techniques from aerial platforms
  18.  Practical communications aerial platforms
  19.  Load master and pilots brief aerial platform
  20.  Safety regulations aerial platform
  21.  Final written test

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