Sniper long range precision marksmanship course

Course training statement: “To train qualified basic snipers how to successfully engage enemy targets from medium to extreme long-distance ranges with precision small arms fire”


Course description: “The course provides the students with the essential skills, methods & techniques to produce effective mathematical shooting solutions in order to engage enemy targets from close to extreme long ranges (50-1350 metres+)”. It transitions the sniper operator from a basic level – advance level of understanding of ballistics, munitions and advance shooting techniques”


Course title: Sniper long range precision marksmanship course
Qualification: Sniper long range precision marksman
Course duration: 3 weeks
Teaching periods per day: 8
Length of teaching period: 40 minutes
Practical field exercises: Yes


Course entry standards


Rank: Qualified basic sniper (officers & soldiers)
Basic fitness test: 3.2 klm run
Endurance march: 16 klms with 15kg + weapon & fluids
Medical: Fit to attend arduous training

  1. Introduction to long range sniping
  2.  Roles and responsibilities of a long-range sniper interdiction team
  3.  The sniper team kit and equipment long range interdiction sniper team
  4.  Internal ballistics
  5.  External ballistics
  6.  Terminal ballistics
  7.  Different types of munitions
  8.  The fundamentals of shooting
  9.  Advance application of fire techniques
  10.  Advance shooting stations
  11.  Introduction to environmentals
  12.  Wind speed & the wind clock
  13.  Advance rifle scope
  14.  The minute of angle, milradian & mil comparision
  15.  Elevation tables, applied ballistics & accuracy first
  16.  Sniper range set-up
  17.  Mirage
  18. Fresh wind tables
  19. The scope reticle
  20.  Moving targets
  21.  Inclined angle shooting
  22. Shooting data books & the cold shot log
  23.  Bore sighting, grouping & zeroing and slip scale procedures
  24. The scope line check & prediction of elevation tables
  25.  Elementary application of fire 50-500 metres
  26.  Advanced application of fire 600-1350 metres
  27.  Sniper communication drills (spotter/observer & shooter)
  28.  Detailed sniper range card revision
  29.  Tactical feld sketching revision
  30.  Range estimation revision
  31.  Tactical panoramic live fire field shoot (50-1200 metres)
  32.  The stand-off sniper ambush
  33.  Sniper co-ordinated volley fire
  34.  Live fire sniper ambush
  35. Live fire shooting test
  36. Low-light shooting
  37.  Shooting battle-field obscuration & offset shooting

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