Sniper operators surveillance course

Course training statement: “To teach sniper commanders & soldiers the skills & knowledge in order to conduct tactical sniper surveillance tasks, gathering detailed intelligence on enemy forces from both rural & urban environments”


Course description: “The course teaches the students the tactics, techniques & procedures (ttps) associated with the planning, conduct and execution of a sniper surveillance task. It covers receipt of operational orders, mission protocol (roc), delivery of patrol orders, task conduct, intel gathering & post intelligence collation within a variety of tactical scenarios”


Course title: Sniper operators surveillance course
Qualification: Sniper surveillance operator
Course duration: 4 weeks
Teaching periods per day: 8
Length of teaching period: 40 minutes
Practical field exercises: Yes


Course entry standards: Qualified basic sniper

Block syllabus:


  1. Sniper surveillance ops and its effect joint integral effects operations & istar
  2.  Introduction to patrolling
  3.  Ops rural environment
  4.  Ops urban environment
  5.  Ops – disrupted environment
  6.  Sniper hides
  7.  Obstacle crossing
  8.  Tactical pauses
  9.  The rv system csars and dars
  10.  Sniper surveillance patrol orders
  11.  Patrol report writing
  12.  Revision logging and reporting
  13.  Fortified ops
  14.  Hard routine
  15.  Agent contact
  16.  Ctr of an op position
  17.  Contact drills
  18.  Tactical pauses and short halts
  19.  Harbours and troop link-up drills
  20. Lups
  21.  Close target recce
  22.  Practical patrolling
  23.  Practical op construction
  24.  Practical contact drills
  25.  Practical construction fortified ops
  26. The mission planning room and battle procedure
  27.  Cacheing
  28.  Cacheing practical
  29.  Sniper fire plans & live fire from sniper hides
  30.  The co-ordinated sniper volley
  31.  The sniper surveillance matrix
  32.  Sniper surveillance patrol estimate
  33.  Sponsoring beach-head landing points/dops/lups
  34.  Tactical helicopter landing sites (hls)
  35.  Application of the rv system
  36.  Finding and fixing target locations
  37.  Ctr op position
  38.  Routine in the op
  39.  Logging and reporting, panoramic sketching, target indexing, detailed sniper range cards
  40.  Recovery of cache
  41.  Ctr hls
  42.  Ctr target
  43.  Night stalk & night standing ops (nsops)
  44.  Post task procedure & immediate tactical back-briefs
  45.  Sniper surveillance patrol orders
  46.  Delivery of sniper orders
  47.  Sniper surveillance patrol estimate construction
  48.  Routine in the op
  49.  Logging and reporting, panoramic sketching, target indexing, detailed sniper range cards
  50.  Weapon hides
  51.  Tactical exercise – rural

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