Sniper platoon commanders course

Course training statement: “To train officers and senior soldiers to command, control & manage snipers formations during times of peace and conflict and to advise senior commanders on all sniping matters”


Course description: “The course provides the students with the knowledge and awareness to manage & maintain the operational capabilities of a sniper formation during peace & war. It teaches the student how to monitora sniper unit’s operational efficiency and be a competent sniper advisor to higher command. It will provide the students with the background information to maintain the sniper formation equipment schedule & the daily management of the sniper formation”


Course title: Sniper platoon commanders course
Qualification: Sniper platoon commander
Course duration: 8 weeks
Teaching periods per day: 8
Length of teaching period: 40 minutes
Practical field exercises: Yes


Course entry standards


Rank: Officers (captain – lt), soldiers (snco) or equivalent
Basic fitness test: 3.2 klm run
Endurance march: 16 klms with 15kg + weapon & fluids
Basic navigation test: Theory & practical
Medical: Fit to attend arduous training

Block syllabus


  1. Definition of a sniper – primary and secondary roles of a sniper, sniper team, section & platoon
  2.  The organization of a sniper platoon
  3.  Roles & responsibilities of a sniper platoon commander
  4.  Sniper platoon methods of employment
  5.  Battle-group capabilities, bg, hq & bg istar lesson one (1), (2) & (3)
  6.  Mortars
  7.  Fire-planning
  8.  Combat estimate – the 7 questions
  9.  Sniper ptn commanders formal back-brief (the combat estimate)
  10.  Anti-tanks (atk)
  11.  Mmgs (medium machine guns)
  12.  Joint terminal aircraft control (jtac)
  13. Types of orders & briefings
  14. Mission planning and battle procedure – roc drills/rehearsals (opsec)
  15.  Fire support teams (fst) & capabilities
  16.  Communication and information systems (cis)
  17.  Battlespace management
  18. Phases of war – enabling operations
  19.  Phases of war – offensive operations
  20.  Phases of war – defensive operations
  21.  Phases of war – stabilization operations
  22.  Counter terrorist operations – roles and responsibilities of a sniper team
  23.  Battle damage assessment
  24.  Other operational tasks
  25.  Orders – the execution paragraph
  26.  Advising senior commanders in conflict
  27.  Advising senior commanders in times of peace
  28.  Sniper platoon capabilities – weapons & munitions
  29.  Sniper platoon capabilities – optics
  30.  Sniper observation posts
  31.  Sniper hides
  32.  Logging and reporting, the range card and panoramic sketch
  33. Demonstration – sniper surveillance operational boxes
  34.  Sniper co-ordination templates
  35.  Platoon stalk
  36.  Platoon stalk map and model ex demonstration
  37.  Live fire one (1) 100 & 500 metres – grouping and zeroing practise – the shooting data log
  38.  The cold shot shooter and spotter drills
  39.  Range procedures & responsibilities
  40.  Target recce theory
  41.  Counter sniper operations
  42.  Counter sniper threat assessment
  43.  Brigade stap (surveillance, target and acquisition plan)
  44.  Construction of a counter sniper threat report
  45.  Convening and running sniper courses
  46.  The defence systems approach to training
  47.  Training objectives & enabling objectives
  48.  Sniper programming
  49.  Sniper presentations
  50.  Sniper platoon weekly & monthly inspections schedules & responsibilities
  51.  Snipers working in urban environments
  52.  Range procedures & responsibilities
  53.  Orders coy commanders orders to platoon commanders
  54.  Section commanders orders
  55.  The sniper ambush offensive operations
  56. Exfiltration and post deployment back-briefs
  57. Post action sniper patrol report writing
  58. Sniper turnkey procurement and report writing
  59.  Sniper procurement – weapons
  60.  Sniper procurement – optics
  61.  Sniper procurement – munitions
  62.  Maintenance of weapons, inspections & weapon reports
  63.  Shooting data books, cold shot logs and legal implications
  64.  The seven sniper skills – 7 steps
  65.  Types of shooting practises
  66.  Demonstration of a range shooting box
  67.  Recce of field-craft stands
  68.  Sniper training field-craft box
  69.  Construction of a field-craft letter
  70.  Practical construction of sniper field-craft letters
  71.  Construction of a sniper live fire range letter
  72.  Practical recce of ranges
  73.  Training performance statements supporting mission requirements – sniper exercises (types)
  74.  Construction of an exercise administration instruction
  75.  Battalion snipers career path
  76.  Battalion sniper personal welfare and pyschological effects
  77.  Snipers personal records and annual report writing
  78.  Interview techniques
  79.  Investment in snipers skills and standards
  80.  The sniper solution to the threat of drones
  81.  Practical field exercise – rural environment
  82.  Practical field exercise – urban environment

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