ChartSec & Team for Risk Management Company (Team4 RMC)

Team for Risk Management Company (Team4 RMC) is a non-governmental and non-political security and risk management organization. It offers a range of security solutions that encompass local, cultural and Afghan specific challenges with internationally recognized methods and best practices to ensure the safety and security of personnel, installations and assets. The company comes with an impeccable record and history of customer satisfaction.


Team for Risk Management Consultancy (Team4 RMC) is the first Afghan Risk Management Company established in 2004 by qualified and competent Afghans. The company is managed by highly professional, experienced and talented Afghan and international personnel who have been providing risk and security management services to private companies, development projects, healthcare facilities, telecom operators, educational facilities, government buildings, hotels and commercial projects in Afghanistan. Its employees have an in-depth understanding and comprehensive experience of security, culture, geography and the on-going political situation in Afghanistan.



Team4 RMC provides a robust and professional security and risk management consultancy to its national and international clients in the areas of: residential/ commercial facilities, personal protection for high profile, high risk individuals, and
security consulting and training services. Details of our services are as follows:


  • Operations Room Management
  • Consultancy and management of static and mobile security.
  • Evacuation of key personnel as required.
  • Consulting on low profile movements, techniques and training.
  • Risk and vulnerability assessments.
  • Site, project and compound assessment and preparation of security management plans.
  • Bank Security.
  • Cash in transit.
  • Defense of strategic areas and key installations.
  • Airport security.
  • Hostage Incident Management and Survival.
  • Transportation security.
  • Arranging medical evacuation services.
  • Support in disaster relief operations,
  • Travel advisory services and mission clearance for staff movements.
  • Security audits.
  • Driver Training in Advanced driving techniques.
  • Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) Teams

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