Personal Security


Additional Security Support and Information:


  • Security threat assessment for given country and up-dates
  • Tracking solutions individuals-vehicles
  • Key points of contact in-cpuntry where applicable
  • Available Hostile Environment training
  • Full facilitation of in-country security and logistical support packages as required
  • Security Consultant Confirmatory Analysis by physical in-country real time threat assessment for the client
  • Accompanied Security consultant and protection.



All courses follow a Systematic Approach to Training (SAT). The course is designed around the organizations Mission Requirement (MR). Prior to any training delivery atraining needs & analysis study (TNA) was conducted with the specified client in order to ensure that the training delivery is SMART:


  1.  Specific
  2.  Measurable
  3.  Achievable
  4.  Relevant
  5.  Timely


The course is supported with a Training Specification Document (TSD), outlining the training delivery in detail and including:


  1. Course Training Statement
  2.  Training Schedule
  3.  Number of Students
  4.  Marking System
  5.  Training Program
  6.  Detailed Lesson Plans
  7.  Power-points
  8.  Training Objectives
  9.  Enabling Objectives
  10.  Student Training Pamphlet&/ or Teaching Support Documentation
  11.  Post Training Task Report
  12.  Individual Student Performance Reports


All subjects are taught following a specific “Training Pathway” ensuring the student has every opportunity to maximize his/her teaching experience. Training Objectives are achieved by adopting a “Systems Approach to Training” and follow a learning sequence of:


  1. Theory
  2.  Theory Assessment
  3.  Practical Teaching Exercise (TEWT)
  4.  Practical Application
  5.  Practical Evaluation

All group and individual performances are recorded in detail and students are continuously updated on their progress in order to maximize their capabilities. This tried and tested approach to specialist training guarantees that on successful graduation from the course, the student / client is fully appraised of the course content


This approach ensures that the students /clients are fully aware of the advantages and limitations of their individual awareness and future pending surroundings.


All subjects area taught are learned in a methodical “Step by Step” process so that the student / client has a thorough background knowledge and a complete overview -skill competency.


The length of course is tailored to the number of attending students and course support with a focus being placed on meeting pre-determined standards.

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